How to prepare for summer during quarantine

April 04 2020 – Lia Barkauskas

How to prepare for summer during quarantine

How to prepare for summer during quarantine

Hi Kahona babes 🦋

These past few weeks have been mentally and physically exhausting on pretty much every single person in the world right now. We are not being naive to what is happening in our world right now. We also aren't ignoring the fact that this situation is serious and maybe we will be in quarantine for a while. However, we are choosing to be hopeful that summer is still upon us. We are choosing to be excited for the smell of flowers, the feeling of water crashing against our bodies and the sun heating up our skin.. with our friends. Hopefully soon.

We have come up with some self care essentials to help prepare you for your best summer self in the comfort of your own home!

Get physical:

Real talk. With our regular routines gone to mush it is so easy to stay in bed and fall into the habit of "I'll work out later" and then later never actually coming. Snap out of it babe, not only is working out good for your body, it is an instant mood booster!

Don't have a gym? We've got you! Our favourite workout channel on youtube is MadFit, and guess what! She's Canadian too. Her workouts range from 10-20 minutes using your body weight (but don't be afraid to add those dumb bells if you have them!). Hold yourself accountable and facetime with a friend! (plus it's way more fun that way)

Here's a link to her youtube channel:



Care for yourself:

Wearing a sweatsuit 14 days in a row? Guilty. A new face mask being delivered to the door step every day? Also guilty.

Hydrate your skin. Buy a face mask. Exfoliate your skin. Buy a hair mask. Invest 👏in 👏your 👏self 👏


Our favourite self care products right now: 

Face Mask: Summer Fridays jet lag mask - your skin will seriously love you for this. rich ingredients that leave your skin so hydrated and glowy in just one use! Cruelty Free.



Body Scrub: Love Fresh vanilla coffee scrub - we don't just love this because we're avid coffee lovers! this scrub leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling amazing. Cruelty Free.



Vitamin C: Vivier vitamin c serum 10 - use this serum will reduce signs of aging while also giving your skin a bright glow up! 


Lip Balm: Glossier balm dotcom - your lips will thank you for keeping them nourished, moisturized and plump! 



Self Tan: Bali Body ultra dark self tanning mousse - it's not cheating. we're naturally this dark, duh. achieve the ultimate glow the healthy way! Cruelty Free.



Hydrate yourself:

Carry your water bottle around with you! Let's be honest, you're not going anywhere now so the "I forgot it" excuse isn't valid babe. Add the juice from a lemon to 1.5 L of water to make it easier to drink!


Set goals:

Notice how getting up early gives you so much more time to organize your goals and smash them all! Obviously don't forget to start with the coffee. Set realistic goals with a realistic time frame to complete them! Don't forget to give yourself some rewards!

Here's our favourite treat to indulge in (and its vegan!) :



Our chat is open on our website if you ever need to talk during this difficult time, we are here for you. We are all in this together 💙



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